Furniture Pedagogue

by Tomber Lever

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released January 7, 2017

All songs written by Tomber Lever
Tomber Lever is Julia, Eli, Taylor and Andrew
Recorded and mixed at The Roach Motel by Greg Hartunian
Mastered by Joelian Sanchez


all rights reserved



Tomber Lever Pomona, California

Tribe of sneaky experiments.

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Track Name: Being Able to Recognize Kin
Here's a trash bag hanging from an underwater tree and I know that the beavers are gonna make a fine home out of me, for there family.

Nothing more important than family

Water marsupial speak to me in tongues, but all he does is prattle on and on about how it was, how it is, and how it's gonna be.

Build a home out of me start a new family and the blind they will see.
Track Name: Icthyomania
Seaside envy stare, peppered by the salted air.

Milt. Ova. Spawn. Like the son of Poseidon but done all wrong. No gills just a set of these fucking lungs.

Get a load of this shit.
The belts the clamps they could find couldn't keep this apparatus air tight. Live beneath the tide despite the pressure.

Coral Grave not a name but a slave to the bottom.

All pregnant silence, save for a trickle.
Feel the scales on my skin, life just begans.
So much, so many, so fast. Part of the swarm at last.
Track Name: All My Money on Candy
Never did see those many shadows. The lights on our backs the spit I couldn't swallow. I do believe spooks but I dont believe in spooks and it doesn't help much. Friction on my skin the twitch in my eyelid. Thinking back I felt it in my gut.

Red rover red rover send anybody over.

Burlap is frozen to tips of my lips the burn in my chest more than fresh top of this obelisk.

Put him on a ship. Send him out to sea. Thousand mile slack. Still connected to me, dragged into "we." Transparent destiny. Intanganable nobody. Stick him in a hole to deep. A scene to be seen to be seen.

Hell of a big sky I've seen in my time.

Red rover red rover send anybody over.

God damn, God damned.
Track Name: Getting Through Your Twenties
I can't remember when I didn't taste chemicals. It must have been all that Xanax. At least I'm not afraid of large crowds. I take advantage of the ones that I cling to. Like, a habit I abuse.
Everything you want in no one. Been waiting on that sweet condensation to enlighten my sensation. Sleeping on my side so I wake up.

Prescribe more pills now to feed the drain. Smoke more cigarettes the effect is the same.

Come to your senses I hope it's just a laugh.
Don't waste more time, this dogs been on the run. It's under complicated.

Blame it on the tension.

It's for the weak who turn there cheeks. Well I'd rather be Mariana deep.

I don't blame it on the tension anymore.
Track Name: Forgot to Feed My Fish
Tying and untying. Tying and tying further. Forget to forget. Remember to forget.

Perfect pressure, pursing lips, the price of pressure. Glassy and wet. Leaking and staining. Straining and staining further.

I'm not sorry I did it, I'm sorry that it hurt. I'm not sorry I did it, I'm sorry that I got caught.

A fist tightens writing. What could a nose bleed fix? Coming unglued at the first sign of conflict. The space between discs. Fire in a crowded theater. Bomb on a plane. Fingerprints missing from climbing.

I get so angry. I get so tied in a fucking knot. But then I remember, I remember yellow flowers and black rocks.

I'll try not to make a mess if I happen to spill my fucking guts all over the window seat.

Here we go, at the end of your rope. You're begging and begging. You will not leave me alone. And then it happens. My body splits open like a goddamn water balloon bursting and stinging it hits you at ninety-eight point six degrees. Do you see the knots? Miles and miles of knots. Whatever is in there will find its way out.
Track Name: Silver Spoons at Sunrise
Two weeks in the back seat and so I've seen enough for me.

Behind us never looked so gray. Maybe I'll see my very first day. Don't say that.

What am I supposed to do? Am I just supposed to pull the car over and tell everybody how much they mean to me? Am I supposed to stop everything and-- am I supposed to keep driving? Am I supposed to pretend that we're actually going to make it? This kind of thing wasn't supposed to happen. I thought I didn't want this vacation to--

Tension high in the Winnebago. Scared to bits as the shadows they grow. Hold your breath in the Winnebago. Today you'll see exactly how the sun glows.

Build a home out of me. Start a new family. And the blind will see.
Track Name: Jim Cricket
Catch a glimpse of the rocket still soaring further away from my global position. Wonder if I'll ever get home. It's where the heart is, it's still beating. Send a signal up to Houston, no answer is must be the distance. Breath quickens, oxygen failing, hands shaking, sweat freezing.

This is lonely beyond the loyeliest endeavour I've crossed off my list. Never thought I'd die out here alone. Immense fear I've ever come to know.

Slip my helmet off in slow mo. Freshest air I've breathed in years. Check my vitals but I'm still standing. Never realized such beauty. Hear the radio crackle my name, "Sorry sir, but I am staying." Hit the ground, start running.

This is great beyond the greatest endeavour I've crossed off my list. Never thought I'd live out here alone. Immense freedom I've ever come to know.

I hope they never find a trace of me again.

As the years have flown by, coms remain on standby. When you wish upon a star, I hope your thinking of me.

A way home.
Track Name: No. 12
Creeping on your sleeping game that I never could obtain. Stories of awakened nights are the only kind of fights I have to give. Good night, they say. But, I'm still awake.

My bones were made to snap on impact. My lungs fill with liquid every time that I laugh. And no I don't take it personal. No I just play it cool.

Self induced over dose of self doubt. Losing time on the kidnappers where abouts. Boo hoo. There's a ghost on the wind with the flavor of sin. Sin. Sin. Burn it, bury it, send it to the foothills.

There's a cold dirty wind rise inside of me, that sent this spirit on a bullshit journey. Well let it be easy. Wait one at a time. That's why we have lines. For time, in due time, to save time.

And that's what choked the camels throat. No not broke. I took the long way I out, yes I did. And this fist. This fist is not a friend or a foe, but a tool for kindness. I don't know who taught that nonsense. So I guess I learned a thing or 12.
Track Name: Stay Hungry
My husband is a peach, it turns out I've always been a leech. From the pit to the thickest of skins. Confession to reflections. Well practice makes perfect. I'll tell him someday. Today's the day.

The cat that stole your tongue, its not you its not me. Romance has had its run, it's for you its not for me. I thought I was the only one.

I've never been so sorry, but I've never been so relieved.

I enjoyed the shade of your tree. Oh those leaves. But not the roots of manogomy. Rigid, rigid, rigid loyalty. I'm sorry captian, but I just can't do it. Your gonna have to go down with your own ship. I got my life vest packed.

Out of the woods for good. No kin and new set of fins. Go swim to the deep end, and pyrotech all my belongs and bury the rest of the money.

Hold the phone I'm broke, I don't mind living in the ghetto. Can't pay the bills no more, I've been living in a shadow. Let's get uncomfortable, yah won't mind living in the ghetto.

I told him this day.
Track Name: Apollo Takes Woodshop
And I bit to the quick. Only solace in these sticks. Burn the stamp from my wrist. Cotton glued to these lips.

Hope nobody saved my seat. No not broke, I took the long way out. Yes I did. Who cares if I took my leave. I'm to busy holding up this wall. Yeah your lucky, y'all ain't rooted to they spot. They said to branch out.

Seven breaths in and seven breaths out and I ain't never calmed down.

Got through this twenty. Needles rip through me. All bark no bite. Vice on ash.

Mouth closes shut and my feet open up. You can count all these rings in the next twelve years. Doubled jointed stretch to the East not the West. Carcinogen chest never learned how to rest. Crowded wide alley ways, loiters use my shade. Damn right I know my place, got to call a spade a spade. No more weeping seeds. Come lover carve on me. It might not last forever, but I am ever green. Trim, chop, burrow, nest. Built a home.